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Ordering info:

Please read this in its entirety. Make sure to review all of your selections (color vs black and white, cropping, sizes, etc) prior to submitting your order. We cannot be held liable for selection of sizes or products that were done in error by the customer.

Although all images have been color corrected/styled/cropped during the initial proofing process for this gallery, all images will be proofed/inspected further for color accuracy and style consistency prior to your order being sent to the lab. This sometimes may lead to some slight cropping/tone/style differences than what you currently see on your screen, but any adjustments are for the benefit of the individual image and the group as a whole. There is an automatic two day 'print delay' in order to give us time to review your order prior to shipping, but this is sometimes bypassed if none of the images in your order need additional proofing/editing.

Any images that are currently black and white will remain that way. Any images currently in color can be printed black and white if you choose. Any specific requests for editing (hair fixes, blemish removal, dress wrinkles, etc) must be made prior to placing your order (please email us with specific file and detailed request). All requests may be subject to editing fee of $10-$25 payable via Paypal (minor fixes are free).

Please make sure when ordering prints that you are familiar with the style of print/finish and the paper so you get what you are looking for. If you are not sure what the difference between lustre and metallic prints are, please research on the web, or email us for help. We do not allow for glossy prints, though there are a few other options for finish/style and paper/substrate chosen. 

Also be aware that some sizes of prints may not be the same dimensions as the original image, and you may need to choose between having the image printed with borders, or cropping it further to meet the size /dimension requirements of your order. Although there is a lot of flexibility, some images that are already cropped may not print well at very large sizes; if we have any concerns about your order, you will be contacted via email for further recommendations.  

If you have any questions regarding a particular image or the style of product you are ordering, feel free to email us at, and be sure to mention which gallery you would be ordering from and/or the specific file name in question. 


Mike & fadeout foto team

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